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Dildos, vibrators, and vibrating dildos may create some confusion, even for a seasoned sex writer like myself. Understanding what sets a vibrating dildo apart from a vibrator is essential. So, what exactly is a vibrating dildos, and why might one prefer it? The key question driving this discussion is how to use a vibrating dildo effectively.

Navigating the realm of sexual pleasure devices involves distinguishing between dildos, vibrators, and hybrid—vibrating dildos. As an experienced sex writer, I acknowledge the potential confusion. A vibrating dildo, unlike a vibrator, carries distinctive features that cater to unique preferences. Exploring the nuances of this device becomes crucial to comprehend its allure. Delving into the specifics, we aim to unravel the mystery of vibrating dildosand offer insights into optimizing solo or partnered experiences.

Read on to learn everything you probably didn't even know you wanted to know about vibrating dildos!

What Are the Vibrating Dildos?

A vibrating dildo is a dildo with the added capability of vibration. The distinction between vibrators for men and women and dildos, particularly those with vibrating features, sparks debate. Contrary to common belief, I assert a different point of view, as articulated in this blog post.

Dildos typically feature a more phallic design and emphasize insertion, although best vibrators for women and men can encompass both features. Vibrating dildos may incorporate a cavity in the base to insert a mini vibration or bullet, while some have an internal motor. In particular, the vibrations of a vibrating dildo tend to be gentler compared to those of a traditional vibrator. The reason behind this lies in the main focus: for a vibrator, the vibration is the central attraction, while, for a vibrating dildo like the BSkys Hot Pink Curved Penis, the dildo itself takes center stage, with the vibration serving as an attractive enhancement that elevates the overall experience.

Okay, so we can see the benefits of having a vibrating dildo; Now let's talk about using one!

How to Use a Vibrating Dildo?

Let's start with the mundane details. We'll delve into the juicy tips for maximizing your orgasmic experience with your vibrating dildo shortly, but for now, let's cover the essentials.

Wash The Dildo Thoroughly

The first and most important thing is to wash it before using it. Oh really. Consider this: You have no idea who handled your vibrating dildo before it hit the checkout or when they last washed their hands. Additionally, dirt, dust, lint, and other particles can build up quickly. Prioritize safety and wash your dildo (as well as any new toy) thoroughly before diving in. Follow the instructions provided with the toy.

Read the Instructions

I warned you it would be a little boring! Familiarize yourself with the button settings and functions. Few things are more frustrating than being on the verge of orgasm, only to lose it because you didn't realize that pressing a button would change to a different vibration pattern or something. Save yourself disappointment by taking the time to read the instructions.

Power Up

Let's address an even more disconcerting scenario than the unexpected change in vibration patterns: the disappearance of your vibrating toy mid-session. While we recognize that vibration may not always be the star of the show, making sure your device is fully on is crucial for those times when it is. If your toy relies on batteries, keep fresh batteries on standby. For rechargeable ones, be sure to charge them.

Don't Forget The Lubricant

While I tend to defend this, emphasizing it becomes paramount in the realm of dildos, which involve insertion. It is vital to ensure you have a quality lubricant on hand. Opt for a thick, water-based formula – it keeps it slippery without affecting the materials of the toy.

Tips on Using a Vibrating Dildo

Now, let's dive into the action! Here are some solo vibrating dildo tips for a successful experience.

Prepare For Yourself

We often focus on creating the environment for our partners, but neglect to do it for ourselves. Take the time to make sure you are relaxed, comfortable, and most importantly, aroused. Arousal is always key, especially with a toy that involves insertion. Make sure everything aligns with your preferences. Relax, perhaps with a hot bath, some candles, or watching adult content. Whatever suits your taste, do it.

Start For Slow

When you prepare to activate your vibrating dildo, apply the lubricant discussed in the previous section and turn the toy on its lowest setting. If you are familiar with the stimulation that works for you, target those areas and adjust the power as desired.

For those new to this experience, explore by passing the vibrating dildo over sensitive areas such as the nipples and entire vulva. Note that the clitoris is of considerable size and is wishbone-shaped, allowing stimulation from various parts of the genital region.

Test Penetration

If you feel comfortable, consider delving into the dildo's primary function: penetration. Add more lubricant before gently inserting the tip. Experiment with in and out movements.

Bonus tip: For an enhanced experience, try adding external clitoral stimulation.

Exploration Time

Once you master it, a world of exploration with a vibrating dildo awaits. For penetration, you can experiment with depth, angles, speed and various movements. Aim for the G-spot or A-spot. In the midst of all this, don't forget the variety of vibration settings. Mix and match penetration styles and vibration settings for a diverse experience.

Move Around

Many of us have a Standard Masturbation Position, but I encourage you to explore different positions to increase pleasure. From lying on your back to sitting up, lying on your side, or even getting on all fours with the wall-mounted dildo (opt for one with a suction cup base, like the Neon Silicone Wall Banger), the position possibilities are wide. . Don't hesitate to try something new!

Tips On Using a Vibrating Dildo (For Couples Play)

Now, let's talk about using your vibrating dildo with a partner. If you enjoy it alone, incorporating it into couples play can be immensely fun. Here are some tips to maximize that experience!

Talk About It First

Start a conversation before introducing the vibrating dildo into your intimate moments. Avoid surprising your partner mid-kiss; Instead, choose a time when you're both dressed and not in the heat of the moment to discuss your thoughts. Explore together!

Have a Game Plan

Having a well-thought-out plan is crucial. Determine when, where, and on whom the toy will be used. Time matters; Surprises are best reserved for appropriate moments.

Keep Talking

Maintain open communication at all times. A dildo can't detect if he's going too deep, so vocalize your comfort levels or enjoy your partner.

All of these tips come down to one essential factor: communication.

After use, it is essential to clean the vibrating dildo. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the best cleaning method. While most toys tolerate water and mild soap, be careful with those that are not waterproof to prevent water ingress. For such toys, consider using body-safe pre-moistened wipes or wipes, avoiding cleaning wipes with household bleach.

In short, if you are wanting to try a vibrating dildo:

  • Prepare by cleaning, reading the manual, charging it, and having lubricant on hand.
  • Explore by experimenting with settings and positions to find what feels right for you.
  • Communicate widely, especially if you use it with a partner.

Vibrating dildos offer an exciting way to infuse experimentation into your intimate moments. Armed with this knowledge, explore BSkys' wide selection of vibes and choose what you are interested in.